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Street Food Tour

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Cooking Class

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Water Festival in Yangon

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Smiles of Myanmar

Myanmar people are enchanting and very friendly. They always have a smile on their face and are ready to help you and chat with you. If you smile at anyone, you’ll get an amazing smile back! Check out the following photos and… SMILE! ;)In this first photo, my friend from a little tea stall on a Yangon street.

These two are mother and sister of the boy in the previous picture and are very special to me. They have a tea stall in the street which I went many nights for a quick dinner. The only thing she could offer me to eat was “tomato mix”. First time I said, ok, don’t know what it is but go ahead. It was delicious! Tomatoes, nuts, onions and many spices!

This girl and the one in the picture … Read More »

Falooda, the most popular dessert in Myanmar?

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Falooda is a very popular summer drink because it’s cold and sweet. Originally it came from Persia, but it is popular from India to Southeast Asia. Each country has its own version.

It’s a mixture of rose syrup, vermicelli or agar agar jelly, basil seeds, sago or tapioca pearls (white or coloured), ice-cream, milk or water and like in this bakery… pudding. Oh, and ice to make it refreshing in the Myanmar heat.

In bakeries all over Yangon you always see locals having falooda after dinner. It’s also a very popular drink for kids because when they prepare it at home they get to add all the coloured ingredients.

Posh version of Falooda in a nice bakery downtown Yangon.

You can also drink falooda in the streets of Myanmar. This girl has her stall … Read More »

Myanmar-Style Jeep

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Myanmar-made jeeps are iconic. 25 models were made in total, but the company had to close in 2011 when demand dropped following the relaxing of importation laws, making it cheaper to buy better quality foreign cars. Nowadays, locals prefer to buy Suzuki or Honda. But these jeeps are still common site on the streets of Yangon and the locals who own them are very attached to their Myanmar-made cars. They love to customize them with Myanmar flag & international brands sticker. The open air ones are the most popular and fun, especially during the water festival ;)

This is my favourite! In Myanmar, palm readers and fortune tellers are taken very seriously. The move of the new capital, from Yangon to Naypyidaw, was reportedly determined … Read More »

Exotic Fruits in Myanmar

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Myanmar has a huge supply of fresh fruit on every corner. Most fruits come to the big cities by road and river from the surrounding towns.

That’s right, yellow watermelon exists!

Grapefruit is very popular. This stall is in Bogyoke market.

Banana baskets like these ones, made from bamboo, are everywhere and local people buy them to use as offerings in the temples.

I would say sour plums are the most popular with the locals.

Sour plums are bake out in the sun and heat. Quite strong flavour but you should try them!

Jackfruit has it origins in the south western rain forests of India. It is the largest tree-borne fruit and can weigh up to 35 kg.

The outside of jackfruit is scaly and the inside is soft and spongy.

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Snacks in Myanmar: Churros

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E Kya Kway is one of the most popular snacks in Myanmar. The people of Myanmar have a sweet-tooth and the teahouses around the country are always stocked with a good variety of cakes.

You will find churros in street stalls like this one. Here there is one guy preparing the dough and another one frying them.

Using big chopsticks to turn the churros in the pan.

E kya kway and steamed yellow beans… perfect combination!

Teahouses usually have them and other sweet things laid out on the tables. Once you’ve ordered your tea you just help yourself and then pay for what you’ve eaten at the end… good luck trying to resist ;)

“Mazda Jeep”: The 1960’s 4×4 Used by the Myanmar Military

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The Mazda Pathfinder Station Wagon XV-1 is the 4×4 used by the Myanmar military and government officials. This car is known as the “Mazda Jeep” and Mazda produced it in the 1960s.

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