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Natural Medicines in Myanmar

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Medicinal plants have been used for many years in Myanmar (Burma) as they are believed to be an effective method of treatment. This is a stall with a wide range of herbs and roots used as herbal medicine.

In this photo you can see the various herbs and roots used in Myanmar in more detail.

Variety of herbs available on the streets of Myanmar, some for cooking and some that are used as natural medicines.

Street vendor preparing the herbs for her stall.

Turmeric root, best known as a popular spice in Indian cooking, is also used for medicinal purposes in Ayurvedic medicine.It is known as the ‘Kitchen Queen’ and is the main spice used in Indian curry, giving it its spicy taste and yellow colour.In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is used as an anti-inflammatory, … Read More »

Wheat bunch for birds in Myanmar Streets

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Birds approaching this wheat bunch hanging from a security fence.

Usually you find these wheat bunches in trees and on telegraph poles, but you can also see them on balconies like this one in Yangon.

Front door of small local business in Yangon with a bunch of wheat to welcome birds.

Interesting contrast between this old gate with spikes and the fresh wheat bunch.

Tree at People’s Park in Yangon with birdhouses and wheat bunches hanging from it. Birds paradise.

A tree in a park or pavement is the perfect place to hang these wheat bunches.

Anywhere is a good place to hang wheat bunches.

Birds having a feast from a wheat bunch that felt down from the railing where it was hanging.

Sugar Cane: Freshly Squeezed on the Streets of Myanmar

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On the streets of Myanmar you can often hear the sound of bells coming from the sugar cane stalls. Vendors keep turning the wheel even if they are not squeezing sugar cane just to catch customer’s attention.

Vendor peeling a sugar cane. The cane comes with a dark husk as you can see on the right side of the picture. Vendors remove this outer rind and then place the remaining cane in a bucket of water.

First step to making the juice is to pass the cane through the rollers on the outer edge, which has blades to break the cane apart.

Second step involves passing the cane through the main part of the rollers several times to squeeze out the juice, which then drips into a bowl below.

Happy vendor with a glass … Read More »

Quick Stop for a Glass of Cold Water on the Streets of Myanmar

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Water vendors use huge blocks of ice to cool the water, making them the perfect place to stop for refreshment, especially in the hot season (from February to May).

Water stall on the streets of Yangon. You just take a glass, put it under the net where the ice block is, and then with the mug take some water from the bucket and pour it on top of the ice block, collecting the cold water in the glass below.

Man with his water stall waiting for some customers, he offers an on-the-spot glass of water or a bottle to take away. These stalls can be found all over Myanmar. Vendors tap the metal cups together to catch people’s attention.

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