8 Innovative Uses for Bamboo in Myanmar

Posted on July 15th, by Juan in Handicrafts & Workshops. 2 comments

Bamboo is a versatile and widely used material in Myanmar. It’s common to see innovative solutions, like this bridge, created out of this sustainable resource around the country.

In this photo you can see that they use bamboo not only as the material to build their houses in the countryside, but also the stairs.

This stairs are 100% made of bamboo and very useful in this type of hut.

Look how they did each step with 2 bamboo canes to make the steps more comfortable to climb and the steps are fixed to the main structure with another piece of bamboo.

This bamboo plant pot caught my attention because of it’s simplicity and eco design.

Other countryside bamboo innovations include this useful device: they tie the cows up to a bamboo cane with … Read More »

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