Royal White Elephants at Hsin Hpyu Daw Park, Insein (Yangon)

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It is said that white elephants bring peace, stability and prosperity to the nation. When these three white elephants were discovered they were brought to this park to be protected and visited by the public. “The white elephants represent peace and weath. They are a sign of the good future awaiting our country” U Ottama elderly Buddhist monk.

Some characteristics of white elephants are the pearl eyes, white hoofs, the back which hangs down like the bough of a banana tree, the white hairs on the body and tail, and the tah gah paik (closed door) shaped tail.

This is Hsin Hpyu Daw Park, where the white elephants could be living…

This is where they really live…

They are chained like this to the concrete and can’t move…

This guy feeds the white … Read More »

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