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Human Powered Ferris Wheel at the Karen New Year Festival, Insein (Yangon)

Posted on March 15th, by Juan in Activities. 2 comments

Ferris wheel at the Karen New Year festival in Insein Township (Yangon). The Karen people celebrate their New Year every January 12th. The amazing thing about this wheel is that it is powered by people! When all the seats are full, the young guys in florescent t-shirts climb to the top to push it down. The following three photos show this process in more detail.

One of the guys in the ferris wheel team. First step, they all climb to the top.

Second step, they pull down and hang from the big wheel using their weight to make it move.

Last step, as they reach the ground they all jump off the wheel and let it spin round several times.

The team get ready for the next spin.

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