Ngwe Saung Beach

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Ngwe Saung Beach - Myanmar (Burma) 4

Ngwe Saung Beach is known for its twin rock stupas.

Ngwe Saung Beach - Myanmar (Burma) 6

It’s the second beach closest to Yangon, just a 5 hours drive. The closest one is Chaung Tha, which is very popular among locals. The most popular beach in Myanmar for foreign tourists is Ngapali, which despite being far from Yangon is serviced by regular flights.

Ngwe Saung Beach - Myanmar (Burma) 3

Ngwe Saung Beach is a 15 km long beach with fine white sand and clear blue sea.

Ngwe Saung Beach - Myanmar (Burma)

At the shore of Ngwe Saung Beach you can always find crabs working hard digging a path to their nests. As they go about their work they create hundreds of balls from the removed sand. These are placed around the entrance to the nest in a spiral shape to protect it.

Ngwe Saung Beach - Myanmar (Burma) 2

Colourful dragon-fly flying over a crab’s nest.

Ngwe Saung Beach Sunset - Myanmar (Burma) 7

Ngwe Saung Beach is a beautiful place to watch the sunset.

Ngwe Saung Beach Sunset - Myanmar (Burma) 8

Bright red sky in Ngwe Saung Beach just after the sun disappeared below the horizon.

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