The Fishing Village of Gwa in Rakhine State

Posted on May 26th, by Juan in Beaches. 15 comments

Fishing village Gwa - Rakhine State - Myanmar Travel Essentials (Burma) 5

Deserted white sandy beach of Gwa.

Fishing village Gwa - Rakhine State - Myanmar Travel Essentials (Burma) 4

Gwa is a small and rural fishing village 6 hours drive from Yangon.

Fishing village Gwa - Rakhine State - Myanmar Travel Essentials (Burma) 6

Local life is based around the sea.

Fishing village Gwa - Rakhine State - Myanmar Travel Essentials (Burma) 3

Gwa is characterised by a rural way of life, set against the backdrop of the coconut-lined beach.

Fishing village Gwa - Rakhine State - Myanmar Travel Essentials (Burma)

The streets of Gwa are quiet with little traffic. Here people get around either by foot, bicycle or moped.

Fishing village Gwa - Rakhine State - Myanmar Travel Essentials (Burma) 2

A beaten-up old truck being fixed before another long journey along the bumpy Myanmar roads.

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15 thoughts on “The Fishing Village of Gwa in Rakhine State

  1. thank you for your journal….I am planning a trip to Burma and your words and pics are very helpful. Keep travelling. trixie

  2. I want to go from gwa to pathein what do you think about. It is possible by bus? It’s easy? Thank you so mucht

    • Hi Roberto, it should be fine and easy by local bus. It will probably take a few hours because they stop everywhere to load and unload stuff but it’s a lot of fun ;)

  3. I want to go GWA beach close to meditation area, I heard that it need to take about 10 hours by bus, and at least 1 to 3 times passport checking, passport copy also required for submit to police , is it true? Thanks

    • Hi Gary, where will you start your trip from? If it’s from Yangon, I would say 10 hours sounds reasonable. The road is bad…
      About the passport control, yes, there are many check points but really quick and easy. If you bring passport copies with you it’s better, but of not, they just write down the information they need.
      Happy and save travels! ;)

  4. Hello!

    My name is Roxane de Waegh and I am currently a graduate student pursuing a masters degree in marine affairs and policy. Specifically, my thesis is looking at securing the livelihoods of artisanal fishing communities in Myanmar, even more so in the Rakkhine state. I happen to fall upon these photos of yours while doing some online research, and would love to ask you a few questions on your visit in this village. My father has lived in Yangon and Bangkok since 1993 and I have been myself various times- which is why I chose this specific case study, and also due to Maynmars current transition from a closed to open society.

    Would be great to hear your input!

    Kind regards,

    Roxane de Waegh

    • Hi Roxane,
      Thanks for you message.
      WOW your thesis sounds really interesting!
      Please send me an email through my contact form with all the questions and I’ll be more than happy to answer and help you.

  5. Hi hoping you are doing well. Thanks for the nice pictures. I like these pictures you post and would like to visit there too. Also would like to know where and what can I see more around Gwa? It would be nice if I can see more when I visit there. May be temples …etc ? Thanks again :)

    • Thanks Calvin.
      Gwa is very undeveloped for tourism. You will find very basic accommodation but beautiful and empty beaches. It’s very different to it’s neighbors Ngwe Saung and Ngapali beach. The town of Gwa has a beach which is nice but the best beaches are to the South. To the South you will also find a Pagoda on a cliff. I recommend you hire a motorbike and explore, you’ll love it!
      Happy travels,

  6. Hello guys, anybody knows about local buses going from Yangon to Gwa – direct or need to change (where) ?I found only turistic bus starting 2pm and going to ngapali (passing Gwa). We wuold like to start as early as possible – around 5-7 am.

    • Hi Piotr,
      Right, buses to Gwa are usually in the afternoon around 2pm. For local buses information I would suggest you go to Aung San Stadium, just a 10 minutes walk from Sule Pagoda. In the big parking space opposite the Central Railway Station you will find counters/shops of all the different bus companies (local and touristic). Please let us know the different options you find.

      • Hi Juan,

        I asked about bus to Gwa in place near Train Station -as you said. They told me about afternoon buses. I asked once again and they answer that there is a morning bus- 7am, cost 15.000 kyat. Bus running from bus station near the airport. We take this bus next morning and arrive Gwa about 2-3 pm. Bus go further to Ngapali.

        • Hi Piotr,
          I’m thinking of going to Gwa this week. How did you like it? What guesthouse did you stay? Is It possible to rent a motorbike there?
          Thank you,

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