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Dancing with Balloons in Taunggyi for Tazaungdaing Festival

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Water Festival in Yangon

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Padaung Ethnic Group Village

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Shwan Ku village is in Pan Pat region, just 20 miles from Loikaw (Kayah State).

It’s a small and rural village home of the Padaung ethnic group, with just a few houses and living from agriculture activities.

Most women from Padaung ethnic group have followed their traditional culture of wearing neck rings. Girls first start to wear brass neck coils at the age of five but young generations seem not to want to continue with this tradition anymore.Over the years the coil is replaced by a longer one with more turns. The neck itself is not lengthened, the weight of the brass pushes the collar bone down and compresses the rib cage.

This is the tradition basket used in the countryside to carry vegetables, fruit or… why not… your baby!

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Smiles of Myanmar

Myanmar people are enchanting and very friendly. They always have a smile on their face and are ready to help you and chat with you. If you smile at anyone, you’ll get an amazing smile back! Check out the following photos and… SMILE! ;)In this first photo, my friend from a little tea stall on a Yangon street.

These two are mother and sister of the boy in the previous picture and are very special to me. They have a tea stall in the street which I went many nights for a quick dinner. The only thing she could offer me to eat was “tomato mix”. First time I said, ok, don’t know what it is but go ahead. It was delicious! Tomatoes, nuts, onions and many spices!

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Capture the Colour: Myanmar

Buddhist Worshipers Set Birds Free to Earn Merit

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At the entrance of every temple there are vendors with crowded bird cages.

Worshiper buying a bird at Kheng Hock Keong Temple in Yangon.

She prays with the bird at the entrance of the temple before setting it free.

According to Buddhist beliefs, releasing birds earns you merit. It can also symbolizes letting go of troubles.

Natural Medicines in Myanmar

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Medicinal plants have been used for many years in Myanmar (Burma) as they are believed to be an effective method of treatment. This is a stall with a wide range of herbs and roots used as herbal medicine.

In this photo you can see the various herbs and roots used in Myanmar in more detail.

Variety of herbs available on the streets of Myanmar, some for cooking and some that are used as natural medicines.

Street vendor preparing the herbs for her stall.

Turmeric root, best known as a popular spice in Indian cooking, is also used for medicinal purposes in Ayurvedic medicine.It is known as the ‘Kitchen Queen’ and is the main spice used in Indian curry, giving it its spicy taste and yellow colour.In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is used as an anti-inflammatory, … Read More »

Thanaka, the Make-Up of Myanmar

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Thanaka wood vendor waiting for buyers, Pyay

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