Thanaka, the Make-Up of Myanmar

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Thanaka - burmese make-up Myanmar (Burma) 6

Thanaka wood vendor waiting for buyers, Pyay

Thanaka - burmese make-up Myanmar (Burma) 5

Thanaka wood comes from the Murraya tree. It is used to make thanaka cream.

Thanaka - burmese make-up Myanmar (Burma) 3

Pre-prepared thanaka paste to which you just add water.

Thanaka - burmese make-up Myanmar (Burma) 2

Thanaka paste balls ready to use.

Thanaka - burmese make-up Myanmar (Burma) 4

Making thanaka cream by grinding the bark with a little water on a circular stone called kyauk pyin.

Thanaka - burmese make-up Myanmar (Burma)

Girl with thanaka make-up; a cream that Burmese women have been using for over 2000 years. They apply the cream to their faces in a variety of ways, but common designs include circles or squares on the cheeks. The cream is not only used for cosmetic reasons but also to protect their skin from the sun and to provide a cooling effect.

If you want to buy thanaka products you can check on ebay.

Video demonstration of applying thanaka paste on face:

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6 thoughts on “Thanaka, the Make-Up of Myanmar

    • Sorry Ivoy, I don’t use thanaka and don’t know which brand is good or bad.

      Can anyone help Ivoy? it would be much appreciated.

      • Taunggyi MaukMai is a brand that is quite good. It contains about 5-8 oz.of thanakha paste, also lemon/lime extract. You can get it on amazon or ebay.

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