Water Festival in Yangon

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Thingyan is the Burmese New Year Festival. It is held in the Burmese month of Tagu, which is calculated according to the Burmese lunisolar calendar and it is usually in April.

This is the most important public holiday in Myanmar and it lasts about 10 days. The actual water throwing only last the first 4 days and it is impossible to go anywhere in the city without ending up completely wet.

The reason of throwing water is to wash away the previous year’s bad luck and sins.

It is a very traditional festival and locals travel during these days to spend time with family, visit Pagodas and play traditional games.

In Yangon, the water festival has turned into more modern than traditional, with temporally built stages all over the city with loud music and water hose doing their job.

The main stage is outside the City Hall, just between Sule Pagoda and Immanuel Church, where besides just playing water festival traditional songs, there are concerts from popular singers. Locals from all ages dance and love it.

You’ll find that not even in a quiet street you are safe, suddenly a child will appear with a plastic water gun and wet you :)


The water festival in Myanmar is very similar to Songkran in Thailand and it’s great fun. In Yangon, friends walk or drive an open air 4×4 car or truck along the stages. It’s great fun to walk around the city and be part of it.

The main stages are mostly around Kandawgyi lake where there is easy access and plenty of water… ;)

Inside these stages, it is like being in a club but with showers hanging from the ceiling.

And of course, it’s a great time to make friends and meet a lot of locals! :)




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3 thoughts on “Water Festival in Yangon

  1. Juan que bonito! Que suerte todas estas experiencias que estas viviendo, es envidiable. Ve preparando para navidades que alli estaremos. Besos.

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