8 Innovative Uses for Bamboo in Myanmar

Posted on July 15th, by Juan in Handicrafts & Workshops. 2 comments

Bamboo Bridge - Myanmar (Burma)

Bamboo is a versatile and widely used material in Myanmar. It’s common to see innovative solutions, like this bridge, created out of this sustainable resource around the country.

Bamboo Hut Stairs - Myanmar (Burma)

In this photo you can see that they use bamboo not only as the material to build their houses in the countryside, but also the stairs.

Bamboo Hut Stairs - Myanmar (Burma) 2

This stairs are 100% made of bamboo and very useful in this type of hut.

Bamboo Hut Stairs - Myanmar (Burma) 3

Look how they did each step with 2 bamboo canes to make the steps more comfortable to climb and the steps are fixed to the main structure with another piece of bamboo.

Bamboo Plant Pot - Myanmar (Burma)

This bamboo plant pot caught my attention because of it’s simplicity and eco design.

Bamboo Cane and Cow - Myanmar (Burma)

Other countryside bamboo innovations include this useful device: they tie the cows up to a bamboo cane with a weigh at one end so they don’t run away, although it looks like someone is fishing cows ;)

Bamboo cane and boat - Myanmar (Burma)

In the little ports by the river, locals stick a bunches of bamboo canes into the shore to create a place where they can tie-up their boats.

Bamboo Burmese Parasol - Myanmar (Burma)

This is the frame of a traditional Burmese parasol made of bamboo cane before it’s covered with the cloth, as you can see in the next picture.

Bamboo Burmese Parasol - Myanmar (Burma) 2

Traditional Burmese parasol. In Pathein there are parasol workshops you can visit.

Bamboo Scaffolding - Myanmar (Burma)

Skilfully erected bamboo scaffolding in Yangon. This shows how strong bamboo is.

Bamboo Scaffolding and Workers - Myanmar (Burma)

It’s scary to see these two worker on top of this scaffolding, as you wouldn’t think that it’s sturdy enough.

Bamboo Beach Umbrella - Myanmar (Burma)

Here is a nice bamboo beach umbrella to make the most of this amazing beach in Ngapali.

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