Eco Design Using Bamboo in Rural Burmese Houses

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Bamboo forest - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

Bamboo is used as building material in villages in Myanmar. There are 963 bamboo forests and 96 different species.

Bamboo forest - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma) 2

Bamboo belongs to the grass family and it is the fastest-growing plant on earth, growing between 60 and 100 cm per day. The husk, that you can see in the picture, is used for making hats as in this workshop in Mawlamyine (Moulmein).

Man carrying Bamboo - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

Villagers use machetes, like the one on this man’s back, to cut down the bamboo.

Cutting Bamboo for House Wall - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

This man is cutting and flattening bamboo canes so that it can be used to make the walls for a house.

Bamboo Wall - Inle Lake House - Myanmar (Burma)

This is the result of the flattened bamboo woven together. In rural villages houses are made completely from bamboo, even the windows and roofs.

Bamboo Wall with Lizard - Inle Lake - Myanmar Burma

Close up view of woven bamboo wall with a little friend.

Bamboo House - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

This is a typical bamboo house. This one is in the mountains around Inle Lake. The walls are made from flattened and woven bamboo.

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