Smiles of Myanmar

Smiles - Burmese Kid at teashop - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar people are enchanting and very friendly. They always have a smile on their face and are ready to help you and chat with you. If you smile at anyone, you’ll get an amazing smile back! Check out the following photos and… SMILE! ;)
In this first photo, my friend from a little tea stall on a Yangon street.

Smiles - Burmese woman and daughter at teashop - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

These two are mother and sister of the boy in the previous picture and are very special to me. They have a tea stall in the street which I went many nights for a quick dinner. The only thing she could offer me to eat was “tomato mix”. First time I said, ok, don’t know what it is but go ahead. It was delicious! Tomatoes, nuts, onions and many spices!

Smiles - Burmese girls with thanaka make up - cigar workshop - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma) 2

This girl and the one in the picture below both work in a cigar workshop in Inle Lake. They are skilled at hand-rolling different flavoured cigars called “cheroots”. They can roll about 500 cigar per day without losing their smile :)

Smiles - Burmese girl with thanaka make up - cigar workshop - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

They are wearing thanaka make-up, a cream that Burmese women have been using for over 2000 years.

Smiles - Burmese Kids playing - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

And kids, they are always happy and you realize by seeing them that happiness doesn’t mean having everything. They are here in this bamboo hut at Inle Lake playing or… planning their next move! ;)

Smiles - Burmese Street noodles vendor at Bogyoke market - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

The street vendors are no less smiley. Sometimes they can be shy when you approach them because of not being able to communicate with you, but they have a great time just seeing you try their food and figuring out how to eat them, deciding what sauce to add, and making a funny face when it’s too hot.

Smiles - Burmese boy preparing sugar cane juice - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

In this case, they smile just seeing you coming sweating and dying for a refreshing and sweet sugar cane juice!

Smiles - Burmese nuns in the streets of Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma)

Novice nuns and monks are serious when they file past in a line collecting alms but when they are in small groups or in their free time, they are really friendly and look at you with a lot of curiosity.

Smiles - Burmese Novice Monk in his monastery - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

This novice monk is the most shy and calm of all this year’s novice monks in a monastery in Inle Lake. When his year is over, he has decided to stay in the monastery for life. Here he is playing tetris during his free time.

Smiles - Burmese man in his teak canoe - Rice fields at Pha-an - Myanmar (Burma)

This man took us in his teak canoe around the rice fields in Pha-an. It was one of the best moments in Myanmar. Rowing along the narrow paths between bright green and yellow rice fields gave me a huge feeling of peace and I really felt I was in a magic place. I think that this smile means a big thanks and best wishes.

Smiles - Burmese kid at parasol workshop - Pathein - Myanmar (Burma)

One of my favourite photos comes from this traditional Burmese parasol workshop in Pathein. Whilst his older brothers are working, he is looking at me  wanting to play.

Smiles - Burmese girl at her house - Mountains North Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

I met this girl near Inle Lake. We were trekking with a guide in the mountains and we stopped in a bamboo hut to rest and eat something. He knew the family living there and they cooked us a delicious Burmese meal while this girl, shy at the beginning, played hide and seek with us.

Smiles - Burmese girl at her house - Mountains North Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma) 2

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11 thoughts on “Smiles of Myanmar

  1. Thanks a lot . I love that smile and they are so polite and kind.I never forget that smiles and Myanmar.
    Myanmar is the best place to visit in the world…..
    I will come back to….Golden Myanmar.

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