Royal Palace, Mandalay

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Royal Palace - Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma) 6

View from outside Mandalay Palace. This is the gate on the East wall, which together with the other three 2 km long walls, forms a square around the Palace.

Royal Palace - Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma) 7

The Watch Tower. From here you get a complete view of the Palace grounds.

Royal Palace - Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma) 8

Amazing view of the Royal Palace from the Watch Tower.

Royal Palace - Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma) 3

Hluttaw or the Supreme Court, the building at the centre of the Palace, and the grand peaked-roof of the Great Audience Hall in the background.

Royal Palace - Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma) 2

The Great Audience Hall of the Royal Palace.

Royal Palace - Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma)

Another ornate teak building stained red, in the style characteristic to Mandalay’s Royal Palace.

Royal Palace - Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma) 4

Inside the stunning Glass Palace.

Royal Palace - Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma) 5

Figures of King Mindon and Chef Queen Satkyardavi at the entrance to the Great Audience Hall.

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One thought on “Royal Palace, Mandalay

  1. Juan, Carin,
    What a beautiful blog (photoblog)!!!
    Fantastic photos! Watching them is as if I were there.
    It is such a different culture, landscape…
    I know you are having a good time there.
    Enjoy yourselves!!
    Waiting for new photos.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

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