Exotic Fruits in Myanmar

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Red and Yellow Watermelon - fruit stall - Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar has a huge supply of fresh fruit on every corner. Most fruits come to the big cities by road and river from the surrounding towns.

Red and Yellow Watermelon - Myanmar (Burma)

That’s right, yellow watermelon exists!

Grapefruit - Myanmar (Burma)

Grapefruit is very popular. This stall is in Bogyoke market.

Bananas - fruit stall - Myanmar (Burma)

Banana baskets like these ones, made from bamboo, are everywhere and local people buy them to use as offerings in the temples.

Sour Plums - fruit stall - Myanmar (Burma)

I would say sour plums are the most popular with the locals.

Sour Plums - Myanmar (Burma)

Sour plums are bake out in the sun and heat. Quite strong flavour but you should try them!

Jackfruit - fruit stall - Myanmar (Burma)

Jackfruit has it origins in the south western rain forests of India. It is the largest tree-borne fruit and can weigh up to 35 kg.

Jackfruit - Myanmar (Burma)

The outside of jackfruit is scaly and the inside is soft and spongy.

Strawberries - fruit stall - Myanmar (Burma)

Strawberries are sold in small bamboo baskets covered by banana leaf. Great eco packaging!

Durian - Myanmar (Burma)

Durian! Of course it’s popular in Myanmar too. It’s known as “the king of fruits” in South East Asia. Durian is known for being large, having a very strong smell, and a thorn-covered husk. The smell is so strong that quite often you see “no durian” signs in hotels, airports and on public transport.

Exotic Fruit in Myanmar - Myanmar Travel Essentials

Mango! Definitely my favourite. Sein Ta Lone “One Diamond” mango is Delicious. The season goes from May to mid July. Mangoes are grown in the central Mandalay Region, Ayeyarwaddy and the Southern regions as well as Shan State.

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8 thoughts on “Exotic Fruits in Myanmar

  1. Wow really great ,Fresh fruits on my computer screen..Keep it the same don’t use any pesticides …keep the unspoilt myanmar environment naturally fresh.Thanks for sharing these pics..:)

    • Hey Khuyen, price depends on the market and your negotiation skills, but aprox I would say that Watermelon slice costs about 200 kytas, Grapefruit 1,500 kyats (Burmese believe the red one brings good health specially to women), Bananas 1,200 kyats a bunch, Sour Plums about 20 kyats a piece, Jackfruit 700 kyats, Strawberries 1,000 kyats a basket, Durian is 3,000 kyats if it’s Burmese or between 4,000 and 6,000 if it’s Thai Durian (whole piece), and finally Mango is between 400 and 600 kyats. They are all Delicious!!! Enjoy! ;)

      • Hi, I would like to know about the fruit Calle thilok I am not sure of the spelling. I heard this fruit will ripe in next 2 or 3 months. It is very good for health. If you know any information please let me know.

        • Hi Tahmine,
          I haven’t heard of “thilok”. The closest word I can think of is “Thi Ho” which is cashew nut.

  2. hello – i shall be in Burma in November – could you please tell me what Fruit will be available in the markets please? will i be able to get Jackfruit and Durian? thanks a lot. ellie

    • Hi Ellie! In November you will definitely find Strawberries, Pomelo, Rambutan, Pineapple, Mandarin orange, and Papaya. Jackfruit… maybe and Durian… I don’t think so. Happy travels in Myanmar! :)

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