Capture the Colour: Myanmar

This post is for Capture the Colour Photo Blogging Challenge.

The challenge asks photobloggers/travel bloggers to create a post entitled “Capture the Colour” which contains photos representing five colours: red, blue, green, yellow and white.

I think this is a great idea and have enjoyed selecting 5 photos which I think best represent the colours of Myanmar. It wasn’t easy to chose only one photo per category, but I hope you like them, and if so, please “like & share” on facebook! ;)

Here is my selection and the reason of why I have chosen them:


Capture the Colour YELLOW - Shwedagon Pagoda - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

YELLOW: The beautiful golden pagodas scattered all over Myanmar come to mind. This is the most stunning, Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

Capture the Colour RED - Novice Monk - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

RED: Monks and novice monks are part of daily life in Myanmar. You don’t only see them parading down the streets at dawn collecting alms from the local community, they go shopping, ride scooters, hang with friends and sit in the parks reading newspapers. In this image, this novice monk is playing the tetris video game on the balcony at his monastery in the mountains surrounding Inle Lake.

Capture the Colour GREEN - worker in rice field - Pha an - Myanmar (Burma)

GREEN: I took this picture because I was amazed by the bright and vibrant green of the rice paddy fields. Here we see the grass in the foreground contrasted against the more yellow, dryer rice plants in the background. (Hpa-An)

Capture the Colour WHITE - sugar cane - Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

WHITE: Although this image has two white bullocks at its centre, I chose this image because of the sugar cane plants and their white flowers waving in the wind, making them look like small clouds when you see them from afar.

Capture the Colour BLUE - women Ngapali beach - Myanmar (Burma)

BLUE: These blue nets are used by women in Ngapali beach to dry the fish their husbands have caught. They are laid out during the day on the shore and collected up in the evening. The women wear bamboo hats and thanaka make-up to protect themselves from the sun.

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