Sule Pagoda, the Heart of Yangon

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Sule Paya view from the bridge - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

Sule Pagoda is located in downtown Yangon, in the crossroads of Sule Paya Road and Mahabandoola Road. It represents the centre of the city and it’s been been a focal point for political uprisings in Yangon.

Sule Paya - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

It is octagonal shaped and 46 meters high. It forms part of a very busy round about and small shops and cyber cafes are integrated into its outer walls.

Sule Paya by Night - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

If you are having dinner or a snack in one of the lots of tea houses in the area, you probably be captivated by its beauty and it serves as a good reminder of the the amazing place you are in.

Myanmar Locals crossing to enter Sule Paya - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

There are many public bus stops around it and you can always see people crossing the street to get to the pagoda.

Pigeon Food Vendor around Sule Paya - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

These vendors are always there to sell food for pigeons. Many Buddhists buy a small plates of corn to feed to the pigeons. It’s a gesture to earn merit.

High Court Building - view from Sule Paya - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

Opposite Sule Pagoda there are many interesting colonial buildings such as the former Supreme Court. This is the place where the most important court cases in Myanmar where heard.

Emmanuel Baptist Church view from Sule Paya - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

Another sight opposite Sule Pagado is Emmanuel Baptist Church, one of the oldest churches in Yangon.

City Hall view from Sule Paya - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

The City Hall is also next to the Pagoda. It’s a great example British colonial architecture and Burmese ornamentation with pyatthat (tiered roofs).

Bengali Sunni Jameh Mosque view from Sule Paya - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

Another place of worship on the roundabout is the Bengali Sunni Jameh Mosque, built in a typical Islamic style with minarets.

Independence Monument near Sule Paya - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)

Crossing the road from one side of the Pagoda, there is Maha Bandula Park and the Independence monument.

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