The Top Five Romantic Destinations In Myanmar

A romantic trip must always be accompanied by an exotic atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. Myanmar is a country where besides hectic cities like Yangon and Mandalay, there are beautiful small villages in the countryside, lakes, mountains, national parks, beaches, religious sites and many more. Any couple is likely to spend quality time together, enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience a once in a life adventure. Myanmar is also the least visited country in Southeast Asia, which makes it more special and easier to interact with locals which will touch your heart with their kindness and generosity.

Myanmar is one of the best countries to consider when planning a honeymoon or any other romantic getaway. Here are just the top five romantic destinations and I always recommend to leave Ngapali for the last, so you can relax and enjoy the white sand and clear water beach accompanied by delicious seafood and sunsets. Sounds good, huh? ;)



Yangon has a number of popular and beautiful attractions that couples can visit and fall in love more and more not only with the city, but also with each other ;)

Shwedagon Pagoda is spectacular and the more you go, the more you like. To visit the pagoda for the sunset is a must do although my favourite time to visit it is for the sunrise. The change of light and the many worshippers praying and singing is breathtaking. Just find a nice spot, sit, relax and enjoy the view and sounds. Kandawgyi Lake with the Karaweik Palace is a beautiful park in the heart of Yangon with a beautiful wood bridge to walk along and enjoy the views of the Karaweik royal barge. Also, a walk through downtown will show a view of the colonial architectural design of the buildings and religious sights. If you like shopping, you are lucky because downtown there is Bogyoke market, which is a huge and amazing market where you can buy antiques, souvenirs, gems and Burmese jade.

Shwedagon Pagoda - Yangon - Myanmar Travel Essentials



Many people have described Ngapali beach as an unspoiled beach. Indeed, the beach which stretches over three kilometres has great white sands, brilliant waters as well as coconut palms, factors that have made it one of the best romantic destinations in the country. It’s a perfect place to finish your romantic trip and couples can relax but at the same time enjoy fun activities like swimming, sailing, walking along the shore and enjoying the delicious sea food that are served in restaurants near the beach. If you still want more adventure, you can rent a bike and visit the village market and the cycle through the narrow streets with beautiful bamboo and wood houses on the sides and surrounded by palm trees.

Ngapali beach - Myanmar Travel Essentials



The charming town of Putao is located on the banks of Namlaung River. It is surrounded by a number of snow-capped mountains, making it one of the most beautiful locations in the country. Although this town is cold most part of the year, it offers adventurous tourists a chance to take part in trekking expeditions. It is located in the most remote northern part of Kachin State, which adds spice to what any couple would have as their dream romantic getaway. If you are planning to come to Putao, save a few extra days since it’s quite far in the North and communication is not the best. Also save some extra dollars, hotels are expensive here.

Snow-capped_moutains,_Putao - Myanmar Travel Essentials



There are many reasons why Bagan can be ranked among the most romantic destination in Myanmar and in the world. Actually, it is #1 in the list of Lonely Planet’s article – The world’s best places to get a ‘yes’

Bagan was at some point the centre of one of the most famous ancient kingdoms of Myanmar and has a rich history with over 2,000 pagodas. Bagan is also renowned for its beautiful sunset views, relaxing Irrawaddy river cruises as well as being home to the vibrant lacquerware industry in Myanmar. If you are planning something special, don’t miss the hot air balloon flight over the temples. It will be one of the highlight of your trip, and very romantic experience to share!

Bagan sunset - Myanmar Travel Essentials


Inle Lake

The spectacular view of the surrounding waters of the lake, one leg paddling fishermen, the floating gardens, fertile valleys and the forested mountaintops are some of the special features that define this romantic destination. Spending a day on a boat trip around Inle lake is a must do in Myanmar and an experience you will never forget.

Inle Lake - Myanmar Travel Essentials

 Remember to book your hotels in advanced, especially if you come in high season (October – April).

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