Amazing Diving Trip in Mergui Archipelago

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Undiscovered Beaches in Dawei Peninsula

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5 Days in Paradise – Myeik and Mergui Archipelago

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Adventure from Chaungtha to Ngwesaung Beach

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The Fishing Village of Gwa in Rakhine State

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Deserted white sandy beach of Gwa.

Gwa is a small and rural fishing village 6 hours drive from Yangon.

Local life is based around the sea.

Gwa is characterised by a rural way of life, set against the backdrop of the coconut-lined beach.

The streets of Gwa are quiet with little traffic. Here people get around either by foot, bicycle or moped.

A beaten-up old truck being fixed before another long journey along the bumpy Myanmar roads.

Ngwe Saung Beach

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Ngwe Saung Beach is known for its twin rock stupas.

It’s the second beach closest to Yangon, just a 5 hours drive. The closest one is Chaung Tha, which is very popular among locals. The most popular beach in Myanmar for foreign tourists is Ngapali, which despite being far from Yangon is serviced by regular flights.

Ngwe Saung Beach is a 15 km long beach with fine white sand and clear blue sea.

At the shore of Ngwe Saung Beach you can always find crabs working hard digging a path to their nests. As they go about their work they create hundreds of balls from the removed sand. These are placed around the entrance to the nest in a spiral shape to protect it.

Colourful dragon-fly flying over a crab’s nest.

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Ngapali Beach

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As the only beach destination with an airport, Ngapali is the most popular beach in Myanmar amongst foreign tourists. Another unspoilt beach which is closer to Yangon is Ngwe Saung, but it takes 6 hours by bus or car to get there.

The beaches on the Bay of Bengal in the Rakhine State are known for their white sand and clear blue water.

Ngapali has several unspoilt beaches, which are lined with palm trees providing natural shade.

Hotels and resorts have bamboo bungalows on the beach like this.

The houses in Ngapali are built in the traditional style, like this wooden house surrounded by palm trees.

Ngapali has a small fishing harbour, here you can see the boats before going out to sea.

Light bulbs suspended from bamboo for fishing at night. … Read More »

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