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The Art of Fishing and One Leg Paddling, Inle Lake

Posted on July 21st, by Juan in Activities. 13 comments

The fishermen at Inle Lake are a must see on your trip to Myanmar. One leg paddling, team work, nature, peace… it’s a unique combination in Shan State.

Inle Lake fishermen have a curious and unique rowing style, which consists of standing on one leg on the extreme of the boat and wrapping their other leg around the the oar.

The reason for this way of paddling is because there are many reeds and water plants in the lake, and if they row sitting down in the boat they can’t see them.

Standing on the end of the boat they have a great view and can lead the way better. Also, they have their hands free to collect the net whilst propelling the boat.

The fishing boats are traditionally carved teak.

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