Top 7 Burmese Favourite Dishes

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Falooda, the most popular dessert in Myanmar?

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Falooda is a very popular summer drink because it’s cold and sweet. Originally it came from Persia, but it is popular from India to Southeast Asia. Each country has its own version.

It’s a mixture of rose syrup, vermicelli or agar agar jelly, basil seeds, sago or tapioca pearls (white or coloured), ice-cream, milk or water and like in this bakery… pudding. Oh, and ice to make it refreshing in the Myanmar heat.

In bakeries all over Yangon you always see locals having falooda after dinner. It’s also a very popular drink for kids because when they prepare it at home they get to add all the coloured ingredients.

Posh version of Falooda in a nice bakery downtown Yangon.

You can also drink falooda in the streets of Myanmar. This girl has her stall … Read More »

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