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Myanmar-Style Jeep

Posted on September 4th, by Juan in On the Street. 4 comments

Myanmar-made jeeps are iconic. 25 models were made in total, but the company had to close in 2011 when demand dropped following the relaxing of importation laws, making it cheaper to buy better quality foreign cars. Nowadays, locals prefer to buy Suzuki or Honda. But these jeeps are still common site on the streets of Yangon and the locals who own them are very attached to their Myanmar-made cars. They love to customize them with Myanmar flag & international brands sticker. The open air ones are the most popular and fun, especially during the water festival ;)

This is my favourite! In Myanmar, palm readers and fortune tellers are taken very seriously. The move of the new capital, from Yangon to Naypyidaw, was reportedly determined … Read More »

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