Exotic Fruits in Myanmar

Posted on July 4th, by Juan in Food & Drink, On the Street. 8 comments

Myanmar has a huge supply of fresh fruit on every corner. Most fruits come to the big cities by road and river from the surrounding towns.

That’s right, yellow watermelon exists!

Grapefruit is very popular. This stall is in Bogyoke market.

Banana baskets like these ones, made from bamboo, are everywhere and local people buy them to use as offerings in the temples.

I would say sour plums are the most popular with the locals.

Sour plums are bake out in the sun and heat. Quite strong flavour but you should try them!

Jackfruit has it origins in the south western rain forests of India. It is the largest tree-borne fruit and can weigh up to 35 kg.

The outside of jackfruit is scaly and the inside is soft and spongy.

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