Padaung Ethnic Group Village

Posted on February 10th, by Juan in Culture & Customs. 8 comments

Shwan Ku village is in Pan Pat region, just 20 miles from Loikaw (Kayah State).

It’s a small and rural village home of the Padaung ethnic group, with just a few houses and living from agriculture activities.

Most women from Padaung ethnic group have followed their traditional culture of wearing neck rings. Girls first start to wear brass neck coils at the age of five but young generations seem not to want to continue with this tradition anymore.Over the years the coil is replaced by a longer one with more turns. The neck itself is not lengthened, the weight of the brass pushes the collar bone down and compresses the rib cage.

This is the tradition basket used in the countryside to carry vegetables, fruit or… why not… your baby!

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