Smiles of Myanmar

Myanmar people are enchanting and very friendly. They always have a smile on their face and are ready to help you and chat with you. If you smile at anyone, you’ll get an amazing smile back! Check out the following photos and… SMILE! ;)In this first photo, my friend from a little tea stall on a Yangon street.

These two are mother and sister of the boy in the previous picture and are very special to me. They have a tea stall in the street which I went many nights for a quick dinner. The only thing she could offer me to eat was “tomato mix”. First time I said, ok, don’t know what it is but go ahead. It was delicious! Tomatoes, nuts, onions and many spices!

This girl and the one in the picture … Read More »

Local Bus Trip (Ngwe Saung Beach to Pathein)

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This is a typical local bus in Myanmar for short distance trips. They are well prepared for carrying goods on top and, in this case, the gas tank. Sometimes you even see people travelling on top!

This trip was from Ngwe Saung Beach to Pathein, famous for being the place where Burmese Parasols are made. It’s just a 55 km trip, but the roads are bad and the bus stops frequently to load and unload goods and pick up passengers in small villages, meaning that it can take up to 4 hours.

Utilitarian and vintage dashboard.

These are the seats which are more or less comfortable until they load goods everywhere. On our journey they were transporting coconuts.

In addition to the coconuts and crazy driving, there was also a gas tank just next … Read More »

Traditional Burmese Parasols

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Handmade Burmese parasols with different designs.

Strips of bamboo for making the parasols.

Worker glueing the cotton parasol to the bamboo structure.

Woman sewing the main bamboo structure using an intricate pattern.

Parasols are hand-painted and lacquered so that they can stand up to sun shine and rain.

Three meter burmese parasol with spectacular design and on the right the bamboo structure before being covered.

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