Smiles of Myanmar

Myanmar people are enchanting and very friendly. They always have a smile on their face and are ready to help you and chat with you. If you smile at anyone, you’ll get an amazing smile back! Check out the following photos and… SMILE! ;)In this first photo, my friend from a little tea stall on a Yangon street.

These two are mother and sister of the boy in the previous picture and are very special to me. They have a tea stall in the street which I went many nights for a quick dinner. The only thing she could offer me to eat was “tomato mix”. First time I said, ok, don’t know what it is but go ahead. It was delicious! Tomatoes, nuts, onions and many spices!

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Bamboo Hat Workshop on Ogre Island, Mawlamyine (Moulmein)

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These typical burmese hats are handmade from bamboo husk in workshops like this one on Ogre Island, Mawlamyine (Moulmein). They are very light and are great protection from the sun and from the rain. The peak at the top of the hat on the left is made from a piece of plastic from an old bag of potato chips. Let’s see the process of making it in the following pictures.

The bamboo husk comes from very thick bamboo canes and is cut to form the pattern to the right of the lady. She is arranging the husks and securing them together with bamboo pins.

The next step is to join the bamboo husks together using thin bamboo strings.

A stack of hats waiting for the next step in production line with some weights on top … Read More »

Floating Gardens on Inle Lake

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These are the floating gardens on Inle Lake which tourists can visit on boat trips to the lake.

The surrounding mountains form a dramatic backdrop to this stunning lake.

Farmers move between their crops by boat through these narrow channels.

The villagers who live in these huts have developed a unique way to power their boats. They pedal with their feet, leaving their hands free for other things such as pulling up fishing nets or harvesting tomatoes.

The houses are made of bamboo and sit on top of long bamboo canes that hold them above the lake. The space under their houses is used to store their boats, as well as being a good place to do the laundry.

Local woman travelling though the floating village by boat.

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Thanaka, the Make-Up of Myanmar

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Thanaka wood vendor waiting for buyers, Pyay

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